Jill & Jessa: Counting On
The new three-episode series ended with Jessa naming her baby Spurgeon Elliot Seewald TLC

After two episodes that revolved around Josh Duggar, TLC's special three-episode series Jill And Jessa Counting On ended on a happy note featuring Jessa's labour and the birth of her baby Spurgeon.

The 23-year-old reality star went into labour for 48 hours before delivering her baby boy and during the time, her husband Ben was by her side. "As labor was ramping up, she was in pain, so I was feeling the pain too," he told the camera.

To divert his wife's attention from her difficult labour, he shares his family dream and confesses to the third Duggar daughter that he wants to have 19 sons. The soon-to-be-mother seems to like her husband's idea and says, "I think it would be awesome! I'd love to have 15 sons!" The couple also discuss their idea of adopting a sibling for their baby and Jessa admits that she was in pain after visiting an orphanage with sister Jill.

"It was heartbreaking to leave those kids," she tells Ben who agrees with her. He adds that he "always thought it would be kind of cool" to adopt a child.

However, the couple are not the only ones in the Duggar family who have adoption on their minds. Jill and her husband have also confessed in the special docu-series that they are considering the option. "I can definitely relate to Jessa and Ben's desire to adopt and to meet those needs. We both think it's a wonderful thing. We've talked about it a lot and are definitely considering it," says Jill, who is in El Salvador on missionary work.

"We came to Central America as a family of three and we could go home as a family of four. But I'm not pregnant!" she says hinting at adopting a baby from the country.

During the finale, Jessa delivers a baby boy but is later shifted to the hospital after heavy blood loss. Seeing her sister in the state, Jana confesses that she panicked.

"There have been probably a couple of births that I have seen where a mum has just a little more blood than what she should. But in this case, I think this was the most that I'd seen. I was thinking of these other situations where things had happened and I was like OK, this can't happen to my sister," she says while watching her sister being taken away in an ambulance.

The special TLC series concluded with Jessa naming her son Spurgeon Elliot Seewald.