Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is following suit from her work on Dexter and maintaining the lead character's emotional turmoil in season two Netflix / Marvel Television

While there's no scheduled premiere date as to when the second season of Jessica Jones will reach Netflix, fans are still eager to learn what to expect of the titular hero, particularly now that the show's villain (and her ex-boyfriend-turned-personal tormentor) Kilgrave is no more. But just because everything seemed to be perfectly wrapped-up towards the first outing's finale, creator Melissa Rosenberg isn't keen on giving Jones an unrealistic happy ending necessarily.

"She was kind of messed up even before Kilgrave came along, and so in season two we can explore what's possible for her moving forward," she told Esquire in a recent interview, before going on to draw comparisons between Jessica Jones and mystery crime drama Dexter, which she produced from 2006 to 2009. "I learned from working on Dexter that you can advance the character, but you never want to cure the character. With Dexter, the moment he felt guilt or accepted that he was 'bad,' the show's over. He's no longer a sociopath.

"The equivalent for us would be if Jessica somehow recovered from the damage that had been done to her. People don't just heal, you don't go through that just to say, 'Oh, he got arrested, he's in jail, I'm OK now. That trauma is a huge part of who she is now."

Rosenberg's recent comments tie in with previous hints offered up by Ritter herself. Back in May, she told Digital Spy that the second season will concentrate much more on Jones' inner personal struggles now that she's not hell-bent on enacting revenge on Kilgrave. "I'm excited to see what happens next for Jessica," she told the publication." and the end of season one left a lot of doors open and questions unanswered," she admitted. "Kilgrave was her reason for getting up every morning. Saving people gave her purpose. I wonder how emotionally taxed she's going to be now."

Jessica Jones will evidently return at some point, but in the meantime, fans of Marvel television series will be able to satisfy their superhero cravings with the upcoming first series of Luke Cage, starring Mike Colter, which arrives on Netflix on 30 September.

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