Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson and her daughter Maxwell at an event (File photo) Getty

Jessica Simpson, who loves to share cute photos of her family on social media, recently received plenty of hate comments on Instagram from trolls who think she has not been doing a good job as a parent to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, 5, and son Ace Knute Johnson, 4. She has been married to Eric Johnson, 38, since 2014.

Simpson, 37, was targeted by haters for sharing a family photo on the photo-and-video-sharing application that showed her daughter flaunting a different hair colour on Halloween. She was earlier slammed by trolls for sharing a snap of her daughter in a bikini.

Willie, Waylon, Belle and Cowboy Ace #Halloween2017

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While trolls slammed Simpson for allowing her daughter to have a different hair colour for Halloween, many of her fans came to her support, with one fan saying, "Everyone's concerned about the little girl's hair and I'm over here completely baffled that I thought Jessica was another child. You're so small next to your hubby. #lookinggood."

Another added, "There is nothing wrong with you dying Maxwell hair for Halloween and she cute."

"Gotta love mommy trolls, so damn judgemental. You guys are adorable. Love it! ❤️," someone else said.

While fans have been supportive about the singer's parenting skills, Simpson, however, is "heartbroken" about the hate she recently received that questioned her ability to raise her brood.

"Jessica Simpson is heartbroken she's being mom-shamed by haters online giving her a hard time about the way she raises her family," a source close to Simpson told HollywoodLife.

The source continued, "Jessica feels unfairly attacked by strangers who are judging her by a brief snapshot of her children who are happy, healthy and great kids. Jessica knows that she is a great mom and she feels that all the haters in the world need to get a life."