Oprah Winfrey has spoken up about the Texas Church shooting that killed at least 26 people on Sunday (5 November) morning.

Speaking to Extra, the former talk show host said that she was heartbroken over the tragic incident that saw a former US Air Force airman, who reportedly escaped from a mental health facility five years ago, yell "everybody die!" before shooting at helpless families inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in the Lone Star State.

Devin Patrick Kelley had sneaked guns onto an Air Force base and made threats against commanders prior to escaping from the mental health facility in New Mexico. He was removed from his position in the US Air Force for an assault on his ex-wife in 2012.

According to CBS, the US Air Force has acknowledged that if Kelley's past criminal history was shared with the right authorities then he would not have been able to buy guns.

"My heart, my heart, my heart, continues to break, don't get me crying," the former talk show host said.

She continued, "Every morning I wake up, like this morning I was walking around my beautiful property and I was thinking, 'Oh that thing... when you are part of a family where you lost someone, I don't know if I can be this happy yet because the people in Sutherland have not yet buried their dead. I'm really praying, and think about it. Iyanla and I are talking about what can we do, what can we do."

"My thing is, are we gonna get the lessons through, are we gonna get the lessons?"

Talking about her show Queen Sugar, the 63-year-old said that she was happy with the final episode of the TV series.

"I just saw the final episode of 'Queen Sugar,' which is, I must say, one of the finest seasons I have ever experienced for a TV show and I would be saying that if it wasn't my own, and if it wasn't my own I probably wouldn't be watching it," she said.

She added, "We are having the celebration tonight to honor our 'Queen Sugar' fans, because they have become our extended family and community."