Jinger and Jeremy wedding
After Jinger Duggar's lavish wedding Joy-Anna reveals she is dating TLC

It seems like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar could be preparing for another wedding soon after daughter Jinger tied the knot with Jeremy Vuolo earlier this month as their younger daughter Joy-Anna has revealed that she has entered into a courtship.

In a video message shared by TLC and the Duggar family, the fifth daughter of the former 19 Kids And Counting couple introduced her boyfriend Austin. "Hey y'all! I'm Joy Duggar and this is Austin," the 19-year-old reality TV star said. "I just asked her to enter a courtship with me," Austin says and adds that he and Joy-Anna know each other for almost 15 years. "And I said yes! We've known each other for a long time," Joy-Anna says.

The couple chose to reveal their relationship status soon after the fourth Duggar daughter's wedding. In the video, both Joy and Austin were pictured behind a stunning background of fall trees blanketing the mountains. And the couple revealed why they chose the romantic spot to declare their courtship.

"There was a whole group of us that came up. nd we were just hanging out and it was really late at night, stars were just gorgeous. For me, that's really special, but then just being with him. And then now it's even more special because it's where we start our courtship," Joy-Anna gushes about her boyfriend in the clip while explaining the importance of the spot they chose to declare their love.

"The spot is also special because the pair shares the same deeply religious values. It's a place that I've come many times to just get away and spend time with the Lord. I just knew that this was the place that I wanted to ask her," Austin added.

Joy's announcement comes at a crucial time for Jim Bob and Michelle whose spinoff show Counting On is steadily losing steam due to the infamous Josh Duggar cheating and sex abuse scandal. Multiple advertisers have decided to pull back from the TLC show, which has further made the Duggar daughters' show less profitable for the network, reports said.

However, despite all the negativity, TLC seems to have remained loyal to the Duggars and the recent wedding of Jinger appears to have worked in favour of the network and the family. With Joy-Anna dating, fans of the evangelical Christian family can expect more drama in the upcoming episodes of Counting On which airs on Tuesdays on TLC.