This year's advert is revealed to the world at 8am on 6 November, and already the buzz surrounding it is immense. What will it look like? Who will be singing? What is the song? Will tomorrow be a full-on cry day Friday?

This is everything we know so far:

When will we see it?

The ad will be uploaded to the John Lewis Youtube channel at 8am on 6 November.

What is the song?

A cover version of Half the World Away by Oasis has been confirmed as the song for 2015.

Featuring Noel Gallagher's song will allow John Lewis to hold onto their record of only using British songwriters since 2010, which featured Ellie Goulding covering Your Song by Elton John. That has since been followed by Slow Moving Millie covering Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths in 2011, YouTube star Gabrielle Aplin covering The Power Of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood in 2012, Lily Allen's infamous cover of Keane's Somewhere Only We Know in 2013 and The Beatles' Real Love, covered by Tom Odell last year.

The Oasis song is best known as the theme tune to the sitcom The Royle Family. John Lewis have always chosen non-festive songs for their Christmas adverts and turned them into Yuletide classics, and no doubt they will achieve the same with this one.

Who will be singing it?

There had been speculation for weeks as to what the song was going to be. Manic Street Preachers fans ran a petition for the Welsh band to receive the job after they alluded to potentially being in the running back in September.

It has since been announced that the relatively unknown Norwegian singer, Aurora, will be the voice of this year's advert. The 19-year-old released her EP in May. She was signed to Decca Records after being discovered when a friend uploaded her music to a streaming website.

Katy Perry is already a big fan, tweeting her support for the singer's haunting electronic music back in March

Aurora will be the first non-British singer featured by John Lewis since 2010, however according to The Sun "bosses at John Lewis have spent months choosing who will be their voice of Christmas... even though Aurora is a complete unknown, they felt her quirky voice is perfect for the song."

If you haven't heard her before, listen to her beautiful single 'Runaway' for a taste of what you can expect tomorrow.

Any clues to the story?

This year's offering, as with the previous four, is from the team at advertising agency Adam and Eve DDB. Therefore we predict it will feature family or friends overcoming a problem or going on a journey before Christmas.

The team have excelled in creating magic with 2D hand-drawn, stop frame animation in The Bear and The Hare, as well as blending computer-generated graphics with live action in Monty the Penguin, so it is difficult to say which style they will go for. We just hope it involves animals.

Despite no information being given out, a ten second teaser shown during X Factor ad breaks last week had a very John Lewis-looking font display the hashtag #onthemoon, which gave potential hints to tomorrow's big reveal, with a moon rising into view in a hazy, vintage cinecam style with a few bars of soft piano accompanying it.

How much will it cost?

Last year's Monty the Penguin cost the British brand £7m, but was also shared 202,953 in the first 24 hours according to Marketing Magazine, so it likely that the brand will be investing a good amount of money into their 2015 offering. No doubt this advert will also cost you a large sum if past campaigns are anything to go by. Promotional merchandise in the past has included stuffed toys, ebooks, Christmas cards and official singles, so be ready to shop.

To keep you happy until tomorrow, watch the fantastic John Lewis Christmas campaigns from the last few years and the time will fly by.