Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp has changed Amber Heard's nickname on his knuckles to ‘SCUM’ AFP/Getty

Johnny Depp has changed Amber Heard's nickname, which he had inked on his knuckles after they married in 2015, to "SCUM". The 53-year-old actor recently auctioned off some of his art collection to help fund his bitter and expensive divorce from Amber Heard, his wife of 15 months. And now actor Depp appears to have altered a tattoo on his right hand that read "SLIM".

According to TMZ, the 53-year-old actor inked his knuckles with the word "SLIM" – Amber's nickname – immediately after they married last year. But, a series of photos show he has now tweaked the ink to spell SCUM.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor was recording a video message for 95.5 KLOS with a microphone in his right hand when fans spotted the difference on his knuckle.

This is not the first time that the actor has used his body art to cope with his relationships. During his four-year partnership with actress Winona Ryder in the early 1990s, Johnny tattooed the phrase Winona Forever on his upper right arm. Following their publicised split he changed it to Wino Forever.

Depp and Heard sdid not have a prenuptial agreement, which entitles Heard to half the money Depp made during their relationship, which is about $30m (£22.6m). The 30-year-old actress had also asked a judge for spousal support and her legal fees to be covered during the divorce, but the court rejected the request.

Luckily for Depp – who is worth an estimated $400m – he made a good chunk of that possible payoff this week by selling two of his prized Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings for $11.5m. A 1981 three-paneled piece titled Self Portrait was expected to land $1.9m, which was purchased by New York gallery owner Bill Acquavella for $4.7m.

The second, 1981 piece painted on the back of a door titled Pork, had an estimated price tag of $3-$5m sold to an anonymous phone bidder for $6.8m.

Depp spent 25 years collecting eight of the Brooklyn artist's amazing pieces and now intends sell the other six.