Amber Heard's close friend and gay rights activist iO Tillett Wright, recently opened up during an interview about the time he lived with the actress and Johnny Depp in their home as their relationship slowly took an ugly turn ultimately ending in divorce.

While Wright asserted that the 30-year-old actress still remains one of his "best friends", the same does not hold true for the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor, who had earlier been generous and even saved the 31-year-old activist's life. According to reports, the American TV personality severed ties with Depp because of his unapologetic behaviour.

"How much evidence does a woman need to present?! She has photos, texts, witnesses, and filed a restraining order," Wright had tweeted earlier voicing his support for The Rum Diary actress.

"This culture of victim blaming makes me sick. I'm a witness. I'm here. I'm standing up. I can't take any more of this witch hunt," added the Suspect host, who was also reportedly named in Heard's abuse claim.

However, in the latest interview with The Times, the MTV show host seemed more sympathetic as he acknowledged Depp's generosity and even presented a thought-provoking explanation.

He said (via People magazine), "It's a tough thing. My attitude about that is the same as the attitude I have about my parents. People are very rarely bad people. People have things that happen to them and people have pain they are trying to get around."

Continuing with his assessment he added, "Everyone is trying to dance with their pain and sometimes it's who do you stab in the process? It's what you do about having stabbed them that's the delineation between people you can have in you life and people you can't."

Wright even credited Depp and Heard for helping him at a time when he was feeling suicidal. "They saved my life. One hundred percent," said the man, who lived along with the celebrity couple for around a year before they got married in 2015.

Not just that, the 53-year-old actor also offered financial help to the author-cum-activist, as per reports, but Wright turned it down for friendship.

Despite all the good thoughts for Depp, Wright has clearly stayed closer to Heard after the divorce. The Drive Angry actress had an acrimonious separation from her husband following claims of abuse against the actor. As per Heard's court filings, Depp made her call Wright and while on the call he "ripped the cell phone from my [Heard's] hand and began screaming profanities and insults at iO."

"I heard iO yell at me to get out of the house. Johnny then grabbed the cell phone, wound up his arm like a baseball pitcher and threw the cell phone at me striking my cheek and eye with great force," the court papers mentioned.

Following all the back and forth in their high-profile divorce, the celebrity couple finally reached a settlement on 16 August and issued a joint statement. "There was never any intent of physical or emotional harm," they assured.