JonBenet Ramsey
Six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her upscale Colorado home the morning after Christmas in 1996. WikiCommons

A new documentary based on JonBenét Ramsey's murder has raised questions over who could have killed the six-year-old child beauty queen at her home on 25-26 December 1996. The two-hour documentary put the spotlight on JonBenét's mother Patsy, who passed away due to ovarian cancer in 2006.

The documentary titled JonBenét's Mother: Victim or Killer? raised questions whether the killer might have been Patsy, who had always maintained her innocence.

Pasty along with her husband John Ramsey and son Burke were exonerated in 2008 by the then-Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy, who had claimed that the suspect was an unknown male, which was discovered with the help of touch DNA, a method used to analyse skin cells.

The documentary that aired on 5 November examined the ransom note found at the crime scene.

"The handwriting examiner said, 'I need to show you something,' and he turned three or four pages in that notepad. At the top of the pad, it said 'Mr. and Mrs.' and then started the letter 'R,' so at that point it looked like somebody had started to use that notepad to make a practice ransom note," former detective sergeant of the Boulder Police Department, Robert Whitson, said in the documentary. (Via ABC News). "And that notepad was Patsy Ramsey's," Whitson added.

"There were some similarities in the handwriting between Patsy's writing and the writing on the note," retired detective Fred Patterson, who was involved in the case, said about the ransom note.

Investigative journalist Jeff Shapiro, who covered the murder case, also questioned the similarities in the handwriting of Pasty with that of the ransom note.

"Would an intruder break in and take the time to copy Patsy's handwriting, or is it just sheer coincidence that some of the handwriting seems to resemble hers?" Shapiro said. "Or is none of this a coincidence?"

The documentary further questions Pasty's acting prowess in covering up a possible crime.

"There was a sense within the law enforcement community that because of Patsy Ramsey's background in entertainment, she was someone who has a grip on great theatrics," Shapiro said.

Who Killed JonBenet airs on Lifetime, which was followed by the documentary special JonBenet's Mother: Victim or Killer?