With the video game calendar year entering into the traditionally quiet summer months, July still has no small number of exciting titles in store.

Here's your round-up of the most promising games due to release on console and PC over the next month, as well as platform details, release dates, and a brief look over what each game has to offer.

Below is a list of the games we are most looking forward to in July, listed in order of their UK release dates. For more information about each title and/or series, click the links for all the news, previews, interviews and other related coverage.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age (PS4)

Release date: 11 July

Originally launched on the PS2, this high definition remaster of Final Fantasy 12 - arguably the most polarizing entry in Square Enix's popular series - tweaks the game's unique MMO-style combat and adds a new dual-Job system inherited from a Japan-exclusive edition of the game.

Set in the sprawling open world of Ivalice, The Zodiac Age tells an intriguing story of wartime politics and cultural divide that puts a fresh spin on the venerable franchise.

Destiny 2 beta (PS4, Xbox One)

Release date: 18 July (PS4), 19 July (Xbox One)

While Destiny fans will have to wait until September to see everything Bungie's blockbuster sequel has to offer, console players have the chance to play Destiny 2 in July in the game's public beta test.

The multiplayer beta is expected to include the Homecoming story mission which debuted at E3 2017, a co-operative strike and a PvP mode called 'Countdown'.

Splatoon 2 (Switch)

Release date: 21 July

Nintendo's rapid fire release schedule for its Switch console continues with Splatoon 2 - the highly-anticipated sequel to the Wii U's superb family-friendly shooter.

Splatoon 2 retains all of the ink-splatting action from the first game, while expanding on its core with a number of new game modes. These include an all-new single player story campaign and a co-operative horde mode brilliantly named Salmon Run.

Of course Splatoon wouldn't be Splatoon without online Turf Wars, but combatants can now choose from a selection of new weapons, including a pair of dual pistols called "Splat Dualies".

Hey! Pikmin (3DS)

Release date: 28 July

Captain Olimar and his colourful companions are back. Hey! Pikmin finally sees the Pikmin waddle their way onto a handheld console - with a few significant changes.

Developed by the same studio that brought us 2014's Yoshi's New Island, Hey Pikmin ditches the strategy focus of its three predecessors, instead becoming a side-scrolling platformer. Hey! Pikmin also has the honour of launching alongside Nintendo's New 2DS XL handheld.