Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3 tells the story of Rico Rodriguez, who is hell bent on destroying all of the things Square Enix

Just Cause 3 reportedly suffers from significant performance issues on Xbox One, leading to extended load times of "nearly 15 minutes" and a drop in frame rate to a low of just 17 frames per second. These reports land shortly before the game's launch on 1 December.

According to an initial-impressions technical test from NX Gamer (its full technical analysis is embedded below), the problems arise from memory leak issues, leading to the aforementioned problems and further issues impacting the game's physics and AI.

Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix, Just Cause 3 will also be released on PS4 and PC but there have not been reports as of yet as to whether the problems affect those other two versions.

"You do get incredibly long loading times and if you play more than an hour or so it can actually take nearly 15 minutes to reload a save," says NX Gamer's analysis. "And this just looks like memory leakages where it's clearing out RAM. Some of the AI goes mad, the physics can react really oddly.

"In my tests so far we're looking at a low of 17fps, and this can be really bad and compounded by the fact that along with this the actual physics engine itself and animation system then gets slowdown, which is like to a hark back to the old 16-bit days where the whole game just slows down in presentation. Even though the framerate might actually still be hitting 30, it feels like you're running and turning through treacle."

The analysis was performed with the Day One patch downloaded and while not connected to online servers due this test taking place before the game's launch.

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