Justin Beiber's new single, 'Boyfriend,' goes on sale on Monday.
Justin Beiber's new single, 'Boyfriend,' goes on sale on Monday. Twitter

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is no longer a baby... he is 18 years old now... and a man!

According to reports, the young singer is looking for a more "mature" sound for his new track "Boyfriend", which was released on Monday, in iTunes.

"I'm maturing, and my music is maturing, so I wanted to do something different," Justin was quoted in USA Today, "I've got a lot of great collaborators working with me, and we're thinking outside the box."

It seems his new attempts are being noted and appreciated... and gaining him more fan followers.

"I have a daughter who is eight and has always loved Justin, but what's interesting is that when I played "Boyfriend" for my 14-year-old son, he thought it was cool," the Island Def Jam Music Group's President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Bartels said in USA Today.

"I think Justin will hold on to his core crowd but also win new fans," Bartels added.

The "Never Say Never" singer tweeted extensively to his 19 million followers, regarding the release of his new song.

"yo @iTunesMusic im trying to romance 19 million ladies with my music. you are kinda screwing this up for me. LEGGO! #BOYFRIENDonITUNES," he wrote.