Justin Bieber apparently does not want to see his ex-flame Selena Gomez with another man because it would break his heart. Bieber and Gomez split and got back together many times before finally parting ways in early 2015.

"Justin feels awful that Selena thinks relationships are hard after they dated. He never, ever wanted to hurt her or make her have a bad taste in her mouth about future relationships because of their own ups and downs," a source told HollywoodLife.

"On one hand, the thought of seeing Selena in a serious relationship with someone else would definitely be hard to swallow. But on the other hand, he wants her to be happy. He hopes she can forgive him for past hurts and not let all that old drama stifle her love life or more importantly her self esteem," the source said.

According to a HollywoodLife report, the 23-year-old is rumoured to be dating her best friend Taylor Swift's brother Austin. Earlier, Gomez was also linked to One Direction singer Niall Horan. "She [Selena Gomez] is very apprehensive in trying something new or being set up because she believes it is doomed to fail from the start for a plethora of reasons," another source previously told HollywoodLife.

In an interview for Complex magazine in 2015, the Sorry singer opened up about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Gomez and said: "My full identity was in her. Her identity was in me."

"When stuff would happen, I would lose my freakin' mind, and she would lose her mind, and we would fight so hard because we were so invested in each other," he said.

Earlier, Life&Style magazine had claimed that Kourtney Kardashian was pregnant with Beiber's baby. The two celebrities had briefly dated in December despite the 14-year age difference. However, Gossip Cop reported that the reality star's pregnancy report was "all lies".