As anxiety over a possible eruption of Cleveland is still on, the Alaska volcano observatory has issued warnings on another Aleutian volcano, Kanaga.

The Kanaga volcano, situated 16 miles west of Adak, released a small ash cloud on Saturday, prompting the observatory to raise the air traffic alert level to yellow, an advisory on the possibility of larger explosive eruptions.

"This new unrest indicates the possibility of sudden explosions of ash to occur at any time, and ash clouds exceeding 20,000 feet above sea level may develop," the Alaska Volcano Observatory said in its advisory.

The last explosion of the 4,288-foot Kanaga was recorded in 1994 spewing lava and other explosive materials.

The observatory has earlier noted that the Cleveland volcano is becoming active and could blow up at any moment. The alert level for the Cleveland volcano is at orange.

The observatory noted that the volcanic dome of the Cleveland volcano is growing at a faster pace and is continuously oozing thick and pasty lava indicating an imminent burst out.

The Cleveland and Kanaga volcanoes come under international flight paths.