Karen Danczuk
Karen Danczuk waived her legal right to anonymity over the attacks by her brother Twitter/GMP

The brother of former Labour councillor Karen Danczuk has been jailed after he was found guilty of raping her as a child along with two other victims. Michael Burke, 38, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail after being found guilty of eight counts of rape and one count of buggery following a trial at Manchester Crown Court in November.

Following the guilty verdict, his sister waived her legal right to anonymity to say how Burke raped her as a child when she nine and he was 14, with the abuse continuing until she was 11 in December 1994.

Speaking to the Sun, Danczuk said: "I would always pretend to be asleep and lie with my back to him, facing the wall. I was terrified and confused but I didn't know what else to do. It would always be a Sunday night because he knew I wouldn't be wearing any underwear as that was our bath night."

During the trial the ex-wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk added: "Most people remember their first time having sex with somebody they love. Whereas my first time of having sex was with my brother.

"Even now I can't sleep naked. I can't even cuddle in bed. I will never love properly, I will never be able to let someone in. It's horrible."

Burke was also found guilty of repeatedly raping a second girl aged between 12 and 14 in the mid-90s. His third victim was the only one of the three that was an adult when Burke raped her in 2010.

Burke has now been jailed for 15 years, with an additional five years extended licence, and ordered to be put on the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Sergeant Louise Bentley of Greater Manchester Police's Public Protection Division said: "This has been a long running and complex investigation, which wouldn't have been successful without the support and cooperation of three brave women who came forward to tell police of their terrible ordeal.

"The result here today wouldn't have been possible without their help, and I would like to commend them for the tremendous courage they have shown coming forward to police and seeing the investigation through to the end.

"Michael Burke is a predator who preyed on his victims to satisfy his own depraved needs, without giving a second thought to how his actions would affect them, either physically or psychologically. I am pleased to be able to say that justice has prevailed and he will now serve a lengthy prison sentence.

"I hope this sentence will go some way to bringing them closure and also some comfort to know that their attacker has been brought to justice."