A survey out today says more than half of British workers reckon the Olympics won't boost their morale in the current climate. But if you're a fashionista, then you might well have a rosier view of the world - and even lighter purses and wallets after today - because avant-garde fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld's been in the capital to spread his own unique bit of London 2012 lurrrrrve.

His new pop-up shop in Selfridges on Oxford Street contains more than a nod to the world's biggest sporting event which begins this Friday. He's rocking three new men's and womenswear labels :"Karl", "Karl Lagerfeld Paris", and "Team Karl", which comes complete with model - errrrm Karl himself - throwing a discus as well as medals, medal motifs and flames! And you'd think with the city being filled with sport for the next umpteen weeks, he'd be watching some of it, right? Well, no. Seems he likes the imagery more than anything else! Right….

Well, at least Karl's getting into the spirit of things: the new casual lines - which are exclusive to the Oxford Street department store – are filled with Olympic metaphors, splashes of gold on jackets, gold and silver sunnies as well as bronze, silver and gold collars to boot! Go figure!

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole