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Lotan Carter has insured his member for £12m Channel 5

Katie Price isn't one to shy away when it comes to gossiping about others. On her Big Brother's Bit On The Side appearance at the series launch last night (5 June), the former glamour model opened up about one of the housemates, Lotan Carter.

The 39-year-old TV personality admitted that she was shocked to see the handsome contestant on the show and revealed that she had already become acquainted with him.

Anticipating she had some dirt on the Dreamboys stripper, presenter Rylan Clark-Neal joked: "Please don't..."

The mother-of-five went on to tease the audience that she had a "big secret" about Carter – who revealed on the opening show that he insured his penis for £12m.

Price couldn't help but divulge her dirty secret, wanting to brag that she had already seen Carter's member after hiring him for her hen night before tying the knot to cage fighter Alex Reid.

Under Rylan-Clark's strict rules, she was forced to keep it clean and refrain from spilling the beans. But thanks to an interview Carter did with Now magazine prior to heading on the show, we already know the story.

He told the publication: "I had to strip for Katie at her hen party to Alex Reid. I got told she didn't like me because a selfie I had taken with her got leaked to the papers, but then she added me on Facebook a year later, so it's all water under the bridge."

katie price
Katie Price has a secret about new housemate Lotan Carter Channel 5

In an attempt to stop any rumours from sprouting about her link to Carter, Price told the audience: "I've done nothing with Lotan!"

28-year-old Carter is from Essex and is the nephew of Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie Spence – and he now wants to "lay it all bare" in the Big Brother House and will no doubt break a few hearts.

The muscular star loves posting body shots of himself on Instagram along with dance-action snaps and videos, much to his followers' delight.

Big Brother continues tonight (6 June) at 10pm on Channel 5.


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