New mom Katy Perry has been dealing with stress due to a stalker, who trespassed her property and has been harassing the family with death threats. However, the songstress has now obtained a restraining order from the court in an attempt to protect her family.

According to documents obtained by E! a man allegedly "trespassed" the "Smile" singer's property. The stalker reportedly "posed a credible threat" to the safety of the family-of-three.

As per the papers, the pop star has "suffered significant and severe emotional and psychological distress" caused by her stalker named William Terry. The protective order from the court, warns Terry to stay at least "100 yards away" from Perry, her fiancé Orlando Bloom, their newborn daughter Daisy Dove Bloom, and Bloom's nine-year-old son Flynn.

In addition, the man is ordered to refrain from contacting Perry "either directly or indirectly through social media, and must not harass or threaten the singer." The document reveals that the "complete stranger" illegally entered the songstress' property, has been stalking her, and threatened her family.

The first incident of trespassing took place weeks before the birth of the couple's daughter. On Aug. 3, the stalker tried to enter the singer's property. He made a false claim to the security that was invited by the singer to her house. In his second attempt, the man "jumped the fence" on Sept. 8. He was immediately "placed under citizen's arrest."

"In addition to his attempts to make physical entry to my home," Perry writes, "Terry has also posted death threats against my partner Orlando Bloom, stating that he wants to snap his neck."

"Terry is a dangerous man and we are in need of an order of protection that prohibits him from coming into proximity of me, my partner, our children, our home, or any place we occupy," she continued.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry smiling for the shutterbugs (File photo) Getty Images

As per the report, the restraining order is in effect until Oct. 8. Following which there will be a hearing. The news comes weeks after Perry and Bloom broke the news about the birth of their firstborn.