As The Sunday Times Giving List reveals the celebrities and multi-millionaires who gave away the most money to charity in the last financial year, IBTimes UK considers which celebrities have been caught out being less than charitable in their giving.

Kim Kardashian
Kardashian, who has an estimated net worth of $35 million, has auctioned off many of her designer dresses and shoes via eBay Giving Works. But she typically only donates 10% of the proceeds to charity - the minimum required by eBay's "Giving Works" arm. The 10% donations have garnered some negative reaction from fans.

Rod Stewart
Sources at a leading LA restaurant claim rocker Rod made a 20-mile round trip back to the eaterie after being charged for a bottle of mineral water he hadn't ordered. The Scot, worth a reputed £70 million, drove from his Beverly Hills mansion back to the swanky establishment - and wouldn't leave until the £4 he was owed was credited to his credit card.

David Schwimmer
Friends star David Schwimmer, who played nerdy Ross Geller, threw a tantrum at a Hollywood liquor store in January 2003 after the manager refused to give him a discount on six bottles of champagne. The actor, paid a reported $1 million an episode at the height of the show's popularity, is said to have vowed: "I'll never set foot in this store again!"

Jennifer Lopez
The singer, often known as J-Lo, was dubbed Pay-Lo after banning her former fiance Ben Affleck from tipping waitresses at a Las Vegas casino last June. It's reported that when she discovered Ben had tipped a poker dealer £3,000 she made him pay it back.

Multi-millionaire pop queen Madonna is said to pore over every telephone statement and orders staff at her £2m Kensington home to pay for any calls they've made.

Sir Paul McCartney
When the former Beatle threw a birthday party for ex-wife Heather Mills in February 2001, guests had to pay for their own drinks. During the couple's bitter divorce proceedings in 2008 High Court judges awarded Ms Mills a lump sum of £16.5m and assets of £7.8m. The summary judgment stated that Ms Mills had sought £125m and been offered £15.8m by Sir Paul. The judge ruled that Sir Paul was worth £400m, whereas Ms Mills claimed the singer was worth some £800m.