Kanye West met President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Towers on 13 December, but his wife Kim Kardashian was missing from the meeting. According to a report in Hollywood Life, Kim turned down the opportunity because she is not a Trump supporter.

A source told Hollywood Life, "Kim was also invited to the Trump meeting with Kanye, but turned down the opportunity. She did not want to join for several reasons, but mostly because she is not a supporter of Trump."

Although Kim wasn't interested in meeting Trump, the reality star wanted someone from her family to accompany him. The Famous rapper recently suffered an alleged mental breakdown and was released following an eight-day hospital stay.

According to the insider, Kris Jenner's boyfriend Corey Gamble tagged along with the Pablo singer to the New York City meeting. "It was Kim's mother Kris who insisted that Corey Gamble go on Kim's behalf, and Kim loved the idea so Kanye agreed. Kris wanted Corey to be a kind of spy and chaperone for Kanye to make sure he behaved himself during the big meeting. Kris and Kim also trusted Corey to report back all the details."

"After everything Kanye has been through lately, he was glad to have someone from the family along for emotional support", the source concluded.

West was very vocal about his support for Trump during a 40-minute rant during his Saint Pablo Tour show in San Jose. In aspeech at the SAP Center on 17 November, the 39-year-old singer said: "I said something that was kind of politically correct. I told y'all I didn't vote, right? What I didn't tell you...If I were to have voted I would have voted on Trump... There's a woman right there saying, 'I love you', after I just said there are things that I liked about Trump's campaign. That's not supposed to happen, right?"

"There's non-political methods to speaking that I like, that I feel were very futuristic and that style and method of communication has proven that it can beat a politically-correct way of communication and I f**k with that," he was quoted as saying.