King Charles III may not live long enough to be officially crowned at a gala ceremony because he is secretly dying from a fatal heart condition, a new report claimed.

Sources told Globe Magazine, in its latest edition, that doctors instructed Prince William to stand by and be ready to assume the throne at any moment because King Charles III is a heartbeat away from death. The new monarch, as per the magazine, is ignoring the grim warnings and pushing hard to put his stamp on the monarchy after a lifetime of waiting in the wings to confront his destiny.

The publication claimed that "grief-stricken" King Charles III plunged into a gruelling, seven-day, 2,000-mile whirlwind tour of England, trying to show he was capable of taking over the throne following the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, graphic snaps of King Charles III's swollen fingers, fondly called the "sausage fingers," renewed fears his health is on a dangerous downward spiral. Doctors, according to Globe, are warning the new monarch that he is on the brink of fatal cardiac arrest and apparently ignoring the danger signs.

New York-based internist Dr Stuart Fischer told the magazine, "The condition causing his swelling is called oedema. The added water retention is a burden on the heart. A weak heart cannot pump normally, and fluid backs up into the veins, interfering with circulation. It's called congestive heart failure."

An unnamed doctor also said to Globe, "Swollen hands and feet are both signs of health failure."

Palace insiders, per the magazine, also fear King Charles III's two bouts with COVID-19 took a toll, and his recent unhinged rages are boosting his blood pressure to deadly levels.

The high-level palace courtier shared, "Charles kept his composure during the queen's day-long funeral and final private burial, but he lost it behind palace doors. I'm told he had a fiery emotional collapse, telling his wife, Camilla, his new life was too much for him. He was exhausted and panicked at what lies ahead as king – and said he couldn't deal with it. It's clear Charles is living on a knife-edge and could explode at any moment."

The palace courtier predicted, "His reign will be one of the shortest of the last 200 years. He's desperately trying to keep a lid on his failing health and look like a strong successor to his amazing mother, Elizabeth. But the truth is his future looks grim. Prince William has been warned to be ready to assume the monarch's duties at a moment's notice."

King Charles III has yet to comment on the reports saying that he is a heartbeat away from death. It is also important to note that the doctors quoted in his story have not treated Prince William's father. So, avid followers of the new British monarch should take all these unverified claims with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

King Charles III
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