King Charles III is being pressured to abdicate and pass the crown to his son Prince William as shocking details of his sordid secret "gay" life emerge and rock the monarchy to its very foundation, a new report claimed.

Sources told Globe Magazine, in its latest edition, that an explosive MI5 dossier detailing nearly 60 years of homosexual trysts with boarding school buddies, butlers and blue bloods has been funnelled to the British Parliament, confirming what King Charles III's ex-wife, Princess Diana, told their sons --- the new monarch allegedly admitted he cheated on his late wife with other men.

An unnamed palace official claimed, "Charles has been haunted for years by [a] talk he's gay or bisexual, but this explosive portfolio has rocked the monarchy to its foundation. Anti-royalists apparently leaked it to members of the British Parliament to bolster their campaign to abolish the monarchy!"

The bombshell dossier allegedly details six decades of King Charles III's hidden hookups with guys – going back to his early teen years as a student at the Scottish prep school Gordonstoun. The official added, "It's dynamite and threatens to blow up Charles' reign before it's barely begun."

Speculation about King Charles III's sex life has raged for decades, and he reportedly even "outed" himself at least twice. An anonymous pal claimed the monarch allegedly could not find a "suitable" wife as his mother, Queen Elizabeth, demanded and thought he's had better luck finding lasting love with a guy.

The MI5 file also confirms Princess Diana's bombshell claim that King Charles III admitted to her he preferred men. The courtier recalled, "While demanding to know why he wouldn't have sex with her after Prince Harry was born, Charles retorted, 'I might be gay!' That ended the marriage! I understand she told her sons she was divorcing Charles because he admitted he cheated on her with other men!"

In the 1990s, former palace valet George Smith claimed he caught the future king in an "unmistakable sexual position with a male royal aide." Smith, now dead, gave a taped confession to Princess Diana – but the evidence mysteriously disappeared after her 1997 death.

The source said, "The word is Queen Elizabeth ordered the tape found – and destroyed."

Another royal insider said Queen Consort Camilla is well-aware of King Charles III's double life, saying, "From the time they were teenagers, she knew Charles had boys on the side but turned a blind eye because as long as his gay life was kept under wraps, she could use it to her advantage to accomplish her lifetime dream of becoming queen."

It added, "Dying Elizabeth approved and fast-tracked Camilla's upgraded states to Queen Consort in February to stop her daughter-in-law spilling her guts about Charles' secret life."

Queen Consort Camilla reportedly knows of several boyfriends – including a classmate from his all-boys boarding school, a hunky polo player and muscular farmland on his country estate – but sources say there are many more.

The tattler said, "Charles is frantically trying to cover up his sordid secret before the coronation next May. Camilla is with him! She knows a male lover coming out of the woodwork will force Charles to abdicate, and she will no longer be queen. Their future depends on erasing his secret gay life."

King Charles III has yet to comment on the claims that he cheated on the late Princess Diana with so many guys. So, avid followers of Queen Consort Camilla's husband should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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