King Charles III blackmailed his dying mother, Queen Elizabeth III, into publicly naming his despised wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the next queen, a new report claimed.

Sources told National Enquirer, in its latest edition, that "heartless" King Charles III twisted the screws on his frail mom by refusing to pay Prince Andrew's teen rape accuser a reported $13 million unless she agreed to let Camilla rule by his side as queen – and announce it to the world!

An unnamed palace courtier said, "It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to keep conniving Camilla happy – and Charles seized it."

Most, if not all, royal fans are aware that Prince Andrew was embroiled in a devastating New York civil court case with Virginia Giuffre, a teenage sex slave who claimed she was trafficked to the royal by the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his now-imprisoned madam Ghislaine Maxwell. Though the brother of King Charles III denied the charges, the Duke of York settled out of court – even though he did not have the cash to pay Virginia off.

An anonymous tipster claimed that King Charles III capitalized on the situation. It stated, "I'm told Charles knew Her Majesty was desperate to get Andrew off the hook at any cost – and he named his price to do it."

Royal author Christopher Andersen, who shared explosive details in his new book called "The King: The Life of Charles III," revealed that King Charles III allegedly proposed a simple quid pro quo – he would not oppose the multimillion-dollar settlement if Camilla was named queen.

He said, "Charles was in a position where he needed the queen to endorse Camilla as they approached the Platinum Jubilee...and these things converged."

The confrontation reportedly took place several months before Queen Elizabeth died at her Balmoral retreat in Scotland on Sept. 8. The royal family was aid to be shocked by the late monarch's sudden February announcement that it was her "sincere wish" for Camilla to be queen consort when Charles succeeded her.

The palace courtier furthered, "They didn't have a clue this was coming. Now we know the truth. Charles apparently realized the millions Her Majesty wanted to spend to bail out Andrew would effectively come out of his own inheritance – and he made his mother an offer too dangerous to ignore. If Her Majesty refused his proposal, Charles would reject Andrew's settlement deal, plunging the royals into yet another scandal."

Another unnamed palace insider claimed King Charles III resorted to blackmail under tremendous pressure from Camilla Parker-Bowles.

It shared, "She even threatened to leave him! He's already persuaded his mother not to push him aside in favour of his son Prince William and beloved Kate. However, Camilla wasn't content with being called Princess Consort, which Charles had promised her when they wed in 2005. Her goal has always been to be queen. But Her Majesty was reluctant – until Charles apparently pulled out his ace card."

King Charles III has yet to comment on the claims that he blackmailed Queen Elizabeth II to give Camilla Parker-Bowles the queen consort title. So, devoted followers of the royal family should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

The last king Charles sat on the throne in Britain in 1685