King Harald V of Norway will soon return to his royal duties as he has been declared "healthy enough" weeks after his heart surgery.

Oslo's Royal Palace released a brief statement ahead of the king resuming his duties from Sunday, reports Royal Central. According to the calendar released by the royal court, the Norwegian royal doesn't have any engagements scheduled until Thursday.

In his first engagement after returning from sick leave, the 83-year-old will receive the foreign minister for an audience that will be attended by his wife Queen Sonja and son Crown Prince Haakon as well. On the same day, the monarch will receive Thailand's new ambassador, the United Arab Emirates' new ambassador, and Greece's new ambassador in a solemn audience at the Royal Palace.

The next day, the King Harald will hold the weekly Council of State, and later receive representatives of Beitostølen Health Sports Centre for an audience.

King Harald was admitted to Oslo University Hospital at Rikshospitalet on Sept. 25 after having breathing issues and was tested for COVID-19 which came out negative. He was discharged from the hospital after a few days, while his sick leave was extended so that doctors could further investigate his illness.

On Thursday, Oct. 8, it was announced that King Harald would undergo a heart surgery to replace a heart valve first operated on in 2005. The surgery was successfully performed the next day, after which the monarch remained under doctors' observation at the hospital.

Meanwhile, his son Haakon continued to work in his place as the Regent. The prince opened up about his father's surgery while talking to reporters last month, and said: "He is fine. Both the doctors and my father are happy, and he is in good recovery it seems...It was very nice to know that everything went well."

"I admit that it was a relief to hear that it went well. One gets a little uneasy in these situations," the 47-year-old admitted.

Norway's King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon and PM Stoltenberg attend ceremony to sign a protocol of condolence in Grand Hall of Oslo University
Norway's King Harald (L-R), Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg attend a ceremony to sign a protocol of condolence for the victims of last Friday's attacks in Oslo and on Utoeya island, in the Grand Hall of Oslo University July 25, 2011. Anders Behring Breivik wants to tell Norway and the world why he killed at least 93 people in a bomb attack and shooting rampage, but a judge ruled that Monday's custody hearing would be closed to the public. Reuters