Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 12 is going on a short hiatus and will return on E! with a brand new episode on 31 July, which is titled Havana Good Day. In the previous episode, fans saw Kim Kardashian and her family getting embroiled in a conflict with Taylor Swift over lyrics of Kanye West's song titled Famous.

Although Kris Jenner advised the 35-year-old reality TV star to have a chat with the Bad Blood singer, Kim seemed to take a strong stand against Swift.

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Last week, after the Swift-West drama, the rapper's wife decided to defend him publicly and shut down haters for once and for all.

Kim even had a heart-to-heart conversation with her elder sister Kourtney and revealed why she needed to defend her husband during the whole feud over lyrics of the song Famous. "I will do whatever it takes to protect my husband," the mother-of-three said lashing out at the criticism over the controversial music video.

However, the Kardashian sisters will sail past all the drama as they will head to Havana for an adventure trip in the upcoming episode. "Hold on Havana, the Kardashians are taking Cuba," the narrator says while introducing the trailer for next week's episode, as the siblings drive around the once-restricted country in a pink convertible.

Meanwhile, reports stated that Kylie Jenner might quit KUWTK in Havana Good Day, but Gossip Cop debunked the claim and assured fans of the hit reality TV series that Kylie has no plans of leaving the show.

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