A transgender teenage boy who owned a 'psycho kit' and threatened to rape young girls has been jailed.

Jay Ferguson, who was assigned female at birth but identifies as a man, made a series of threats to rape other youngsters and also sent menaces to the mother of one of his victims.

When police searched the home of the 18-year-old from Huyton, Liverpool, they found a balaclava and gloves, which he called his 'psycho kit', an idea he said he picked up from the TV show Law & Order.

Ferguson smirked as he was jailed for 22 months at Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday (30 November), after admitting five counts of sending malicious communications and one of attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity, reported the Liverpool Echo.

Judge Robert Warnock told Ferguson: "The full facts reveal you are a deeply troubled and troubling immature young person.

"In summary you crave attention and appear to obtain to sexual satisfaction from threatening and confronting parents and children with specific threats of serious sexual offences against them and others."

Ferguson's strange offending behaviour began in April and first involved a teenage girl who befriended him.

Chris Hopkins, prosecuting, told the court: "[The victim] was aware that Jay is really a girl called Jodie but she wants to change to a boy.

"Everything was fine at the beginning but the defendant started to say she liked her and [the victim] had to tell the defendant that it was only going to be friendship."

Threatening texts

But in June Ferguson said he wanted a sexual relationship with the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

However, when the teenage girl refused Ferguson began sending threatening text messages, one of which read: "I am gonna find you and rape you." He also phoned his victim and said: "I will come and find you and rape you and gag you."

When officers visited his home, after complaints from the victim, Ferguson showed them a bag containing the 'psycho kit'. He added he was "dangerous and would carry out the threats if given the chance."

Ferguson also told police he wanted to abuse children because he had been abused by his father.

The 18-year-old lived at an assisted living centre in the Liverpool area, for people who require equipment and support to be able to maintain their independence.

One member of staff told the police that Ferguson planned to go out to rape someone that day and kept a list of what he would do to his victims.

Officers also found messages from Ferguson on a Facebook chat room claiming he had raped children aged between five and 12.

Ferguson appeared at a magistrates' court on 17 October, admitted several offences and was bailed ahead of sentencing.

Grooming daughter

But bizarrely the next day Ferguson reported himself to police claiming he had asked an 11-year-old girl for sex through the chat function on the defendant's Playstation 4 games console.

By then officers had also been contacted by the terrified mum of a 15-year-old girl, who said her daughter had also been threatened by Ferguson on Facebook. The court heard Ferguson had told the teenager: "I love hunting and raping people."

The judge was told that Ferguson also contacted the mother, saying he was grooming her daughter and intended to rape her.

The teenager's mother told officers her "world stopped turning" when she received those messages and became alarmed about her daughter's safety.

Ferguson has one previous conviction for assault and possession of a knife, the court heard.

Defending, Katy Appleton admitted the defendant had a difficult upbringing.

Appleton said: "He is sorry for his offending behaviour. There appears to be an element of attention seeking and attempts to push others to reject him."

The court also banned Ferguson from contacting any of his victims by issuing a lifelong restraining order, and the defendant must sign the sex offender register for 10 years.