As the couple's divorce battle continues, a video of Johnny Depp throwing a wine bottle during an argument with wife Amber Heard has emerged online on Friday, 12 August. The video, filmed by Heard, was reportedly taken before the 21 May, when Heard claims that Depp had assaulted her, reports TMZ.

The leaked video shows the 53-year-old actor slamming kitchen cabinets and nearly ripping them from the hinges, after being asked by Heard: "What happened?"

The Drive Angry actress questions her estranged husband in his kitchen, saying: "Something happened this morning, you know that?"

In the clip, the pair argue about events that happened in the morning, to which the Edward Scissorhands star, who is seen wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat, begins to pour the remainder of a large bottle of wine into a glass before saying: "You want to see crazy, I'll show you something crazy."

Depp then notices the 30-year-old actress recording the incident and lunges for the 30-year-old actress' phone.

He shouts, "Oh, you got this thing going? You got this going!"

TMZ reports that sources close to the Edward Scissorhands actor said the footage was "heavily edited", and that there are parts where the 30-year-old actress can be seen smiling and encouraging him. The website claims that it is unlikely that the footage can be used in court if it has been edited, but also because it would appear that the actor was filmed without his knowledge.

According to TMZ, Heard, who arrived at LAX airport this morning (13 August), issued a statement denying she released the video. She also says she "underestimated the toll" that her divorce with Depp would take on her.

The couple married in February 2015. Heard filed for divorce on 23 May, 2016, following her making allegations of domestic violence against Depp. Reports say that Laura Wasser, Depp's lawyer, has denied the allegations of abuse on his behalf.

On 12 August, Depp's lawyers claimed Heard refused to testify at her deposition in her domestic violence and divorce case with Depp. According to TMZ, a source said: "Amber is still ensconced in London, even though she's been ordered to appear for her deposition in her domestic violence/divorce case Friday at 10am."

An update on the news site Friday afternoon claimed that Heard had said an uncited "emergency" meant she was unable to rearrange her flight.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp
Amber Heard filed her divorce petition on 23 May citing irreconcilable differences after a marriage of 15 months Justin Tallis/ AFP