Amir Khan
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Amir Khan interrupted an interview and once again called out his I'm A Celebrity co-star Iain Lee. And, die-hard fans of the show are simply not having it. "Disappointed" with the English boxer's treatment of his fellow campmate – which many deemed as nasty – furious viewers have taken to Twitter to vent their anger.

"Can't get over how nasty Amir Khan is to Iain. Leave him alone you bully," a user tweeted, calling out the 31-year-old athlete over his latest antics.

Since being evicted from the ITV show on Friday night, Khan had his first contact with Lee on the Extra Camp interview; where he ended up butting in to tell that "we're not bullies mate."

The Bolton-born boxer earned himself the title of a "bully" following his antics during his stay in the jungle – including that one incident where he stole and ate strawberries but let Lee take all the blame for it. Unlike fellow campmate Jamie Lomas, fans didn't resist from bashing Khan.

"Someone needs to speak to that Amir Khan cause he's bullying Iain again, Iain never called anyone a bully, the fans of the show saw non-stop bullying going on and WE CALLED THEM OUT ON IT," a furious viewer tweeted.

The social media bashing got even more severe, when Khan shared a tweet on Sunday, reaffirming his stand on the bullying allegations. "Lovely to hear the truth. 'I had no beef with anyone' Iain said on itv1 @imacelebrity #NoBullyingEverHappened," he wrote, sparking another round of outrage.

"Yeah but you and your 'pals' constantly talked about him behind his back. Awful to watch," a critic shared.

"You made yourself a bully the minute you said 'you called us bullies, we will talk about this later,'" another user commented, replying to Khan's tweet.

A third fan chimed in, writing, "Trying to make yourself look better, was harmless banter in your eyes but was very nasty."

"Maybe you should just leave it out? You said some nasty things about someone. Take it on the chin pet and admit to stuff for once. No one said you were a bully. Viewers made their own decisions," added another.

Amid the criticism, some fans also rushed to Khan's defence, who has previously rebutted claims of bullying 44-year-old Lee.

"I've never bullied Iain in any way, it's the opposite, I would be the one to put my arm around him and tell him not to worry. I would always walk with him and talk to him about life, I wanted to make him feel better," he said, as relayed by The Sun.

"So to be cast as the bad guy has really hurt and upset me," he added.

While Khan was the seventh person to be voted out of the popular ITV series, odds-on favourite Georgia Toffolo went on to win 2017's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.