LeBron James is in his 20th season in the NBA, and apart from his heroics on court, which has seen him be widely regarded among the greatest to play the game, he is also known as a committed family man. Podcaster Sofia Franklyn has now brought that into question by claiming that he is "cheater."

The four-time NBA champion is married to high school sweetheart Savannah, with whom he shares three children - Bronny, Zhuri and Bryce. The couple wed in 2013, and have weathered the storm that 20 seasons in the NBA brings. However, the "Sofia with an F" podcast host's allegations are likely to threaten the rosy picture.

James was not the main focus of Franklyn, who was talking about Adam Levine's latest sexting scandal, while also revealing Leonardo DiCaprio's penchant for partying. It was then that she claimed the Lakers star follows the same pattern as the Hollywood A-lister when it comes to approaching women.

LeBron James
LeBron James Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

"I've never been invited, but many of my friends have. And I know for a fact that he goes out and his bodyguards will approach women and ask them if they want to go to his house or wherever, and he then has them sign NDAs," Franklyn said of DiCaprio, as quoted on Marca.

Just after her allegations about DiCaprio, the podcaster dropped the bombshell about James, saying: "LeBron, same sh*t." It stunned her co-host, who wanted more details and asked her to elaborate on her allegations about the four-time NBA MVP.

"Should I be outing all these people? [she chuckles] LeBron James has various parties, constantly, where NDAs need to constantly be signed. You didn't know that LeBron's a cheater?" Franklyn added.

The Lakers star's fans were quick to offer support by criticising Franklyn, but there were a few voices that agreed with the podcaster's allegations. One fan wrote: "The LeBron info is well known in Cleveland."

Amidst the cheating allegations, James' fortune on the court in his 20th season is also off to a rough start. The Lakers, who failed to make the playoffs last season, have lost all three of their opening games this campaign.

Russell Westbrook
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