UK retailers have started pre-order for LG G3. LG

The LG G3, which hit the market in its homeland South Korea on 28 May, notched up double the debut sales of the LG G2.

According to Korea's ETNews, the LG G3 sold 25, 000-30,000 units a day, outselling the Galaxy S5, which sold about 7,000-8,000 units daily in Korea on its launch.

Now, the wait is over for the UK users, as retailers in the country have begun pre-order for the handset and confirmed the availability date.

Well-known retailer, Clove UK, is currently taking pre-order for the LG G3 SIM-free and unlocked 16 GB variant, which costs £499 (including VAT). Buyers can choose their new LG smartphone in three colour options: metallic black, shine gold and silk white.

The retailer has announced that first stocks of the device are expected on 1 July.

Unlocked Mobiles is charging a price similar to Clove. The SIM-free model can be pre-ordered at £489.98. The retailer has notified an earlier availability date of 24 June.

Those who wish to pre-order the LG G3 at Handtec will have to pay £495.59. Stocks are expected on the 23<sup>rd of this month.

The LG G3 is also up for pre-order at MobileFun, where stocks are expected in a month.

Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that it will stock the LG G3 once the smartphone becomes available in the UK. Although, the pre-orders are yet to begin, the retailer notes a July release date for the smartphone.

Below are the retailers' site links to place pre-order for the LG G3.

LG G3 pre-order at Clove

LG G3 pre-order at Unlocked Mobiles

LG G3 pre-order at Handtec

LG G3 pre-order at MobileFun