About six  to seven million units of LG G3 have been sold since its launch  LG

LG intends to sell 10 million units of its next flagship smartphone LG G4 that would succeed its current G3.

"LG Electronics aims to achieve the 10 million sales target of the G4 smatphone, which will be unveiled next month. Specification of the G4 and changes we've made had been briefed to top outlet channels and European carriers during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) fair. Initial response was good enough," an LG official told Korean Times.

"LG knows this year will be very crucial whether to maintain a stable lead as the world's third-biggest smartphone producer in annual sales by widening gaps with our Chinese rivals, such as Xiaomi. LG will actively respond," the LG official said.

The company is positive about the success of the G4, even as Samsung's Galaxy S6 is receiving a positive response from major carriers. Samsung has received pre-orders of 20 million units for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge from carriers globally.

LG is planning to launch a massive promotional campaign in markets such as Europe, Korea and the United States, he noted.

So far, between six and seven million units of LG G3 handsets have been sold since its launch in May last year, said LG Electronics mobile chief Juno Cho.

Meanwhile and official at LG's partner company has been quoted as saying: "We will try our best. We have no problems to source application processor chips provided by Qualcomm as the latter addresses some not big technical issues. The key point is how to implement strategies on time for steeper G4 sales."

Android 5.1 Lollipop powered LG G4 spotted

LG G4 LG-H818

An LG device with model number LG-H818 has been spotted running the Android 5.1 build LMY29F on the html5test site, a screenshot of which has been shared by MyLGphones.

The user agent profile of the similar LG model with Quad HD screen resolution had surfaced on LG's official site. The LG-H818 is likely to be the Asian bound model of the LG G4.