LG is planning to introduce a CNC machine for making its own metal chassis for smartphones PhoneArena

LG's new flagship smartphone for this year, the G4, might not come with a metal build, but it is most likely that the G4 Note would be launched with one.

LG is reportedly planning to make extensive use of metallic construction in its future smartphones.

The move will help the smartphone maker compete with brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi among others who have already released metal body mobile devices.

As creating metal cases in bulk quantities requires new equipment, LG might not be ready to introduce this change for the release of the LG G4.

The company may introduce a CNC (computer precision control) machine for making metal chassis on its own, reports ZDNet Korea citing unidentified industry sources. As this would be costly and time consuming, the company may not be able to set everything in place for the production of metal chassis for the LG G4.

The sources further stated that the company might miss the G4 launch, but it would have enough time to manufacture metal cases by the end of the year.

Hence, the company could release its flagship metal-clad device in he form of the rumoured LG G4 Note, which is currently under development.

Reports suggest that the manufacturer applied to the Korean patents office last month for a trademark for the product. The phablet is expected to stand above the company's other G series devices with premium features.

[Source: ZDNet via Gforgames]