Lidl and Aldi have dragged the supermarket price war into the playground by offering school uniforms for under £4 ($5, €5).

Discount chain Lidl said it will a polo shirt, jumper and trousers or skirt for a total of £3.75 from 21 July.

Lidl said its back to school collection – comprising 41 separate items and including 100% cotton fabrics and leather shoes – could save British families with two children up to £2,854 over their entire primary school education.

Josie Stone, Lidl UK's non-food buying manager, said: "Over the course of seven years at primary school, parents can find themselves racking up thousands of pounds in the cost of school uniforms, which can be especially tough on families with more than one child."

The move comes as rival discounter Aldi puts its school uniforms in stores today, which also come in at just under £4.

At John Lewis, the same items cost £19, at Marks & Spencer they are £15, Sainsbury's £13.50, Tesco £8.50 and at Asda £7.50.

The move is the latest round in a two-year price war that major supermarkets have been dragged into with discounters, with each group battling hold market share and appeal to cost-conscious shoppers.