Two drunken men in north-east England stripped a disabled man, stole his false leg, and kicked and stamped him to death because they wrongly thought he was a paedophile.

The victim Roy Bush, 44, was left on the living room floor of his flat in Scunthorpe, north Lincolnshire, following the attack. His body was discovered the following evening, according to a Sky News report.

The two men involved in the attack were sentenced at Teesside Crown Court and Judge Peter Fox said Mr Bush suffered the "gross indignity" of being stripped naked and having his false leg removed while he was still alive.

"Mr Bush suffered a death that was quite horrible," he told them.

Liam Campbell, 26, and Joe Harrison, 27 later boasted about their cruel assault, acting out how they had stamped on Mr Bush's head with both feet while calling him a "nonce".

They dumped Mr Bush's false leg and other stolen items in a nearby forest after trying to set them on fire.

Judge Fox said the pair's motive for the killing was a "perceived, and I stress perceived, view of his sexual orientation towards young children".

Harrison, who admitted the killing at an earlier hearing, was said to have suffered a damaged childhood in which he cared for his mentally ill mother.

Campbell, who was found guilty of murder by a jury, had an extensive record of dishonesty and possession of offensive weapons.

The court heard both men were drunk and had taken cocaine before the attack, with Campbell drinking nine pints of beer and cider during the afternoon.

The killers were sentenced to life in jail, with minimum terms of 21 years for Campbell and 18 years for Harrison.