Monochrome indie classic Limbo is set for a PlayStation 4 release according to European ratings board PEGI.

PEGI (Pan European Game Information) has given the game a 16 and over rating, citing its "realistic looking violence", ahead of a release on the console this year. It lists 1 January as a release date, but that is just a placeholder.

Developers Playdead ported the game to Xbox One last month, but so far neither they nor Sony have said anything of a PS4 release.

The game, which became a critical darling after its initial release on the Xbox 360 in 2010, has since been ported to the PS3, PC, Mac, Vita, and iOS.

Playdead's next game, Inside, is heading to Xbox One first as was revealed at E3 2014. Microsoft will publish the game, which will later be released on PS4, PS3, PC and Xbox 360.