Actress Lindsay Lohan has apologised to the people of Kettering, Northamptonshire, after she turned down an invitation to turn on the town's Christmas lights.

Weeks after she offended locals with a dismissive tweet during the EU referendum, the Hollywood actress was invited to visit the Northamptonshire town.

In her apparent enthusiasm, as she followed the results live, she tweeted: "Sorry, but #KETTERING where are you & why is this woman speaking on people rather than TELLING us what happens if UK LEAVES?" (sic)

Her derisory comments sparked a furore on Twitter and prompted local MP's Chris Grayling and Philip Hollobone to extend an invitation to Lindsay to join the town's people in the Xmas festivities.

To the MP's surprise, she seemed to accept: "Would be happy to light the Christmas tree", she tweeted in response.

However, there was subsequently no word as to whether the movie star would actually show up.

In a video message posted on Thursday (24 November) ahead of the official switch-on, the Mean Girls star explained that her work commitments prevented her from making the much anticipated visit to Northamptonshire.

"Hi everyone in Kettering, its Lindsay Lohan," she announced. "I really wanted to make it there to light the tree but with my busy schedule I wasn't able to, but I appreciate the offer. Happy holidays!"

Earlier, Hollobone had responded to Lohan's dismissive remarks about the historic town telling The House of Commons: "Apart from the fact it might be the most average town in the country, everyone knows where Kettering is.

"It's famous as the home of Weetabix breakfast cereal, Cheaney's and Loake's shoes, and Kettering Town football club has scored more goals in the history of the FA Cup than any other football team in the country."

He also expressed his doubts as to whether the actress would show up after her manager said she needed to "check her diary."

"As of today, she isn't coming," he told the BBC. "But, you never know, she might turn up at the last minute. I think that when you're an international celebrity who says you're going to do something then people expect you to do it.

"I think most of us thought that she wouldn't actually come but I think there was a little bit of all of us that hoped she would," he added, sharing his disappointment.

While the Freaky Friday star was a no-show, taking her place to switch on the lights was former Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison, who currently stars in a pantomime version of Beauty and the Beast in the town.

Accompanied by West End star Lucie Downer and a group of local children she helped light up Kettering on Thursday evening to the delight of the local residents, the Mail Online reports.

Taking to Twitter the TV star wrote: "Lindsay Logan's loss is my absolute pleasure's gonna b a cracking Xmas ...Us Eastenders know how 2 party..panto time."