21:50: Carl Froch v George Groves ring walk

22:55: So that's all we've got time for at Wembley. The report from the fight and quotes from both Carl Froch and George Groves to come. Until next time, goodbye.

22:45: Carl Froch's legacy as one of the finest super-middleweights around in intact after a masterclass to sweep aside George Groves. Froch had edged the opening seven rounds before a classic right hand downed Groves, who failed to answer the count of 10. Waiting for the official result and to hear from both righters at ring-side.

22:42: Those that doubted finally have their answer. Carl Froch wins by knockout in the eighth round as George Groves fails to rise from a clinical right-hand. The 27 year old is having a medical check-out at the moment and after being given the thumbs up embraces the champion. Classy move after all that has gone between them these past six months.

Carl Froch wins by knockout

Round 8: With the rounds almost evenly split, a knock-down here could be critical to either fighters chances of winning. It's Froch the aggressor again with Groves prefering to counter. Groves is down!!

Round 7: I've got Froch leading by two rounds at the halfway stage at Wembley so Groves really has to step it up and he does just that, a left hook which forced Froch to take at least one step back to compose himself. That is as clean a blow as we've seen tonight. Froch replies like a champion by again trapping the challenger against the ropes but I'd give that round Groves' way.

Round 6: This was the round in which the fight swung six months ago so which which will is go this tie? Froch is on the offensive first, getting through it seems with a right. More jeering from the crowd as both fighters feel each other out a bit and that sees Froch respond with a body shot. Groves not offering a great deal more than holding his left out. The 26 year old is backed onto the ropes again and Froch is dictating now. Groves being treated for a bleeding eye at the bell.

Round 5: Groves gets through with a jab but suddenly Froch unloads with a cluster of shots, mainly to the body, and Groves is froced to tuck in and take the punishment with nowhere to go on the ropes. Groves responds the only way he knows how but how much is he hurt his 37 year old opponent? Now Groves with a good left hand catch Froch and he looks visibly hurt there. Goodness knows who prevailed in that round.

Round 4: Froch with a marginal lead after three but Groves goes in search of pulling back that advantage with a good left at the start of the fourth. Another good jab from the Hammrsmith fightr is followed by a quick flurry from Froch. Do the ropes save Groves there? Froch looks to have Groves on the backfoot there. Still plenty of ebb and flow to this fight.

Round 3: After being treated in Manchester the Wembley crowd start jeering as the third round starts like a sparing match. The round sparks into life as Froch twice catch Groves with a good right-left combination. Groves comes back with a left of his own which seemed to glance his opponent. Coming to the boil this one.

Round 2: Who does the more tentative start benefit? Groves has begun like someone wanting to go 12 rounds, but is the main aggressor. Groves is down momentarily, but only ater tripping over his own feet after both fighters came together. Groves gets off another good shot and so far, the young pretender is having the better of the tight exchanges.

Round 1: Both fighters really feeling each other out early on, despite promises that Groves would come out swinging again like in Manchester. Groves catch Froch with a glasncing left and the 37 year old holds on. Nice jab now from the champion who is wriggling away from Groves at any opportunity he gets. First round to the challenger for me.

22:08: That is the pre-fight preceedings done with, here we go.

22:06: Michael Buffer on the mic at Wembley. You know it's a big deal when he's involved. Both fighters being introduced to this eager crowd. Cheering and booing has accompanied the view of both fighters so far this evening.

22:02: A slightly watered down entrance from Froch. Not as much fire, no transport, no waving to the crowd, no arrangant swagger; Froch merely walks the ring to Queen and AC/DC. Both entrances say a lot about both fighters, Froch just wants to get on with it but you feel Groves is takng the whole evening in - as any 26 year old might.

21:59: Carl Froch will have just watched Groves' Wrestlemania-like entrance with a cheeky smile I am sure. The Cobra is very much keeping him waiting. What does Froch have in store?

21:56: Groves making his way to the ring inside a red double-decker bus while Kasabian's 'Underdog' plays out across Wembley. An entrance which sums up everything about the Hammersmith fighter. Now some pyrotechnics to accompany The Prodigy.

21:46: Minutes away from the ring walk from both fighters. Told Groves has a big entrance planned while Froch has scalled back the smoke and mirrors for this one. Incidently, the Nottingham-boxer is geered somewhat by the crowd upon being shown on the big screen. Perhaps this will be a pro-Groves crowd.

21:40: How fond are your memories from six months ago? George Groves was full of bravado ahead of the meeting with then-legendary Carl Froch, who last summer sought revenge and defeated Mikkel Kessler at London's O2 Arena. But Groves was able to back-up his arrogance with a sublime showing in Manchester, knocking down the champion in the opening round with a stunning right hook.

Groves continues the punishment and had Froch, now look every bit his age, calling on all his powers of recovery to remain in the contest. The infamous sixth round came and went with Groves growing in disbelief over Froch's capability to withstand punishment and from there the fight turned. Froch took control and earned a ninth round stoppage as Groves began to flag.

The result and performance of both fighters has since caused much conjecture so tonight will really be about settling scores as much as it will concern the destination of the world titles.

21:30: If you're struggling to make your mind up ahead of tonight's Froch-Groves rematch, here's a piece with Lennox Lewis, Amir Khan and Nigel Benn among others on who they believe will edge tonight's contest.

21:24: That didn't take long. Heath doesn't make it to the second round as Yafai knocks him down twice in the opening round. Body blows only but enough to cap a very classy display.

21:21: That early stoppage means 'the floater' fight tonight will happen before our main event Jack Heath against former Team GB protege Gamal Yafai over four rounds. Plenty of punches being thrown early on.....

21:15: James DeGale is asked by Sky Sports if he is ready for a world title shot. "100%, I am ready. I don't care. Hopefully Groves gets knocks out." Having already lost to Groves earlier in his career, you can understand he trepidation there. Eddie Hearn confirms the winner of tonight's main event must face DeGale in 120 days with the IBF title on the line. Another all-British classic in the offing then.....

21:10: Before we turn our attention to the main event, a quick round-up of what we have already seen at Wembley this evening on this packed bill. British Olympic heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua made short work of Matt Legg in the first fight of the evening, with an opening round knock-out.

Meanwhile, Kevin Mitchell's world title remain alive after he stopped Ghislain Maduma in the 11th round. The Brition was trailing on points but produce a flurry of shots in rounds 10 and 11 to grab the win. Just now, another Olympic champion James DeGale has stopped Brandon Gonzales to clinch the IBF world title eliminator against the formerly-unbeaten Mexican. Very impressive win.

21:00: Welcome to Wembley where 80,000 people have come to see the biggest fight staged in this country since 1983. The pulsating meeting between these two six months ago, coupled with the facinating build-up over the past two months makes this rematch a mouth-watering proposition. The sporting event of 2014 so far? No doubt about it.

20:50: The most anticipated British fight in four decades is finally upon us. Six months on from the pair's epic clash in Manchester, Carl Froch and George Groves go again in front of a capacity crowd at Wembey Stadium with the small matter of the IBF and WBA super-middleweight titles on the line. If the meeting last December and build-up since the rematch was confirmed in March, we could be in for one hell of a night. The two are due in the ring in an hour or so.