Galaxy S4 mini users are in for some bitter news as renowned UK carrier, Three Network, has recently confirmed via Twitter that the Lollipop update will not make its way into the handset due to its memory limitation.

With the device hardware build dating back to 2013 and its configuration being limited to KitKat support, the UK carrier has clarified that the S4 mini will be crippled due to its limited memory capacity (1.5GB RAM), which will not meet the recommended system requirements for running Lollipop and achieving a stable performance.

The UK's Three Network has recently tweeted this information in response to a user query about the possible release date or release window for Lollipop update on Galaxy S4 Mini.

To further strengthen its stand, the official support team for Three Network has also revealed via Twitter that Samsung has officially confirmed the non-availability of Lollipop update for the S4 Mini due to its serious memory limitation.

Check out the complete conversation (see screenshot below) over Twitter that enlists what ThreeUK had to say in response to various user queries about the non-availability of Lollipop update for the Galaxy S4 Mini:

ThreeUK Lollipop update
Lollipop update ceases for Galaxy S4 Mini owing to memory limitation Twitter

[Source: SamMobile]