Lord Coe
Lord Coe, Locog's chairman, says people who missed out in the last rounds of London 2012 ticket sales will get priority in April's sale (Reuters)

Unlucky London 2012 ticket hopefuls who failed to secure seats at events in past rounds of ticket sales will be prioritised when the next tranche goes on sale in April.

Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Locog), indicated that people left out will get first access to the remaining tickets.

"Our priority in the next sales phase was making sure that those who most want to go have access to tickets," Lord Coe told the London Evening Standard.

Sales of the final 1.3 million tickets to London 2012 will be staggered across several days in an effort to dodge another rush crashing the ticketing website and causing it to be taken offline for several days as happend in January.

"The first part of the process will be that anyone who has previously applied in the first two ballots and still not got any tickets will get first bite at those tickets before they go on full public sale," Justin King, Sainbury's chief executive and member of the Locog board, told the Standard.

A recent investigation by Channel 4's Dispatches showed that despite Locog committing 75 percent of the games' tickets to the public, that did not necessarily cover the most prestigious events, such as the mens' 100m final.

Critics of Locog's ticketing system have branded it unfair, after the initial ticket lotteries left some people with no tickets to any events, while others received multiple seats to more than one event.

In one ticketing gaffe, Locog sold twice as many tickets as there were seats to a synchronised swimming event.