Doyenne of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood transformed her show at London Fashion Week on 20 September into a protest against climate change and austerity. She led a group of protesters ahead of her catwalk show and warned of mass extinction.

"I'm here like a mad person because even the activists don't tell everybody that's it's likely by the end of the century bit later but earlier not sure but definitely there will only be one billion people left. So the biggest crime by the politicians is that they pretend everything is normal and that everything that happens is a temporary crisis," Westwood said.

Earlier this month, the Queen of British Fashion, rode an armoured vehicle to British Prime Minister David Cameron's home to protest against his fracking policy. Westwood is a keen environmental campaigner and activist and said her career allows her to be vocal on such issues.

"At the moment the British government really surreptitiously has stopped all the funding and helped to clean energy and renewable energy and they've given it all to their mates in the fossil fuel industry, and they're just bringing it on, bring it on, bring it on. So yes, we have to just stop, that is our word 'stop', stop, stop. Just give us a breath and let us deal with the problem of the planet, of course no one," she said.

"I just do my job because it kind of gives me a voice it helps me. I'm also trying to make my company really, really efficient and user friendly and staff friendly and I think that's the best thing for the environment. I want to be a model company for the future glory of the world,'' she added.

One of the founders of the British Punk movement, Westwood also used the opportunity to send a message to China. "My hope would be that they'd stop trying to copy the west, and look after their people and look after... help... hopefully help other poor people poorer than them in the world."

Her Red Label spring/summer 2016 collection was a mix of florals, lilac and clashing prints with models sporting dystopian-esque makeup. Singers Lily Allen and Foxes were among the front row stars to watch the show.