No Man's Sky screenshot space
No Man's Sky appears in the promotional material for the V&A museum's upcoming exhibit. Hello Games

London's Victoria and Albert Museum has outlined its exhibit programme for 2018, which includes a show dedicated to the design and culture of modern video games. The exhibit is scheduled to take place between 8 September 2018 and 24 February 2019.

Simply titled "videogames", the exhibit focuses on the medium's artistry and culture since the mid-2000s. V&A claims that the show has been designed to examine the impact of technological advancements, such as online play and social media, have had on the way games are "designed, discussed and played".

"There is a renaissance happening in videogames," it said in its announcement post. "A new wave of designers, players and critics are pushing the boundaries of the medium in radical new ways.

"This V&A show is the first to fully consider the complexity of videogames as one of the most important design fields of our time, investigating ground-breaking contemporary design work, creative and rebellious player communities and the political conversations that define this movement."

V&A also noted that the exhibit will include "large-scale immersive multimedia installations and hands-on interactive experiences", as well as more traditional displays showing rare design materials from "leading studios whose work defines this new wave".

Those "leading studios" have yet to be revealed, although the announcement is headed up by artwork for 2016's sci-fi adventure title, No Man's Sky, which was developed by Guildford-based studio Hello Games.

Renowned as the world's leading museum of art and design, V&A has previously held video game-related events such as game jams, coding workshops, and its Parallel Worlds design conference in collaboration with London College of Communication.

"Videogames" is free for V&A members, with tickets going on sale to the general public "soon". Ticket pricing has yet to be announced.