Donald Trump's dramatic and divisive presidential campaign has spawned a controversial episode in the animated series South Park that shows the Republican presidential candidate being raped and murdered. The Viacom-owned Comedy Central's episode of the satirical cartoon created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone targeted Trump's immigration policies in particular, mocking his repeated promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

South Park - Where My Country Gone? preview South Park Studios

The episode

In the episode titled Where My Country Gone, Trump is shown as the newly elected president of Canada causing all of the Canadians to flee across the border into America, creating an immigration problem. The recurring character of Mr Garrison, a US high school teacher, wants to start a political career and address this issue. He mounts a campaign against the exodus and proposes building a wall on the border.

"I propose we f*** them all to death and after we've f****d every last one of them to death, we build a big wall. And if anyone comes over the wall, we f*** them to death, too!" Garisson tells a CNN journalist in the episode about the Canadians. At Garrison's political rallies, several supporters are shown waving banners with 'make America great again' just like Trump's real-life political slogan. His mood turns sour after the journalist informs him that Trump beat him at building a wall across the border - a clear reference to Trump's much publicised plan to prevent illegal immigration into the US.

Desperate to drive the Canadians out of the country, Mr Garrison has now launched himself into the nation in a barrel over the Niagara falls, only to find the country deserted except for Trump, who is dancing in his office to 'The Safety Song'. They get into a fight, Garrison beats Trump and then commits the horrific act - rapes Trump to death.

Back in South Park, news of the Canadian president been 'f***** to death' causes fervour among the crowds and the Canadians return home in fear. In the end, Garrison drives off to make his run for the White House, with running mate Caitlyn Jenner behind the wheel, who runs over a pedestrian.

The analogies made in the episode are mostly drawn from Trump's statements made during his campaign so far. At his campaign announcement in June, Trump had said, "When Mexico sends its people; they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists." Trump's campaign office has refused to respond to the episode which many have deemed tasteless.

This isn't the first time South Park has courted controversy. The adult cartoon has received bitter criticism over taking on celebrities and politicians ranging from Tom Cruise, Kayne West, Michael Jackson to former US vice president Al Gore in its previous episodes. The show has faced the ire of various religious groups as well for depicting the Pope, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha in a controversial light.

Russia, Sri Lanka and India are some of the countries where the broadcasting of South Park is banned. In the UK, many controversial episodes have been banned along with many episodes being censored.