Tricia Helfer is returning to "Lucifer" Season 5 and according to multiple reports, she is not back as Charlotte Richards. Interestingly, she will reportedly return as the Goddess of creation, Lucifer and Amenadiel's mum.

No details were given as to what role Mum plays this time in "Lucifer" Season 5. The promotional photo TV Line shared for Helfer's return to the series certainly shows a different mum. She looks elegantly sophisticated with a "Stepford Wives" vibe to her appearance.

“Lucifer” Season 5: Tricia Helfer’s Mama Diablo Looks Downright “Pleasantville”

— ComicsTalks (@comicstalks) October 15, 2019

Lesley Ann-Brandt (Maze) shared a photo with Helfer to confirm the actress' return to the show. Helfer herself, confirmed her appearance but declined to say whether she returns as Mum or Charlotte.

She’s baaaack @LuciferNetflix @trutriciahelfer 😈

— 📎Lesley-Ann Brandt (@LesleyAnnBrandt) October 15, 2019

You’ll just have to wait and find out : )

— Tricia Helfer (@trutriciahelfer) October 15, 2019

Her look is the total opposite of Mum's appearance in Season 2 and 3, wherein she sported a more sexy and glamorous look. Mum used Charlotte Richards' dead body as a vessel.

The last time fans saw Mum was in "Lucifer" Season 3, when Lucifer refused to send her back to Heaven or Hell. Instead, he sent her to a different realm, an empty realm, where she can start fresh and live a new life.

Perhaps the photo speaks of how Mum has changed. She may have turned a new leaf after she learned from the mistakes she made in the past. After her soul departed Charlotte's body, the latter returned to the land of the living with no recollection of what happened to her.

Sadly, Charlotte also died in "Lucifer" Season 3, when she sacrificed herself to save Amenadiel from Marcus Pierce/Cain. Amenadiel flew her to heaven.

Filming for "Lucifer" Season 5 has been well underway since the start of September and fans have had their share of spoiler-free, behind-the-scenes photos. These photos also confirm the return of Scarlett Estevez (Trixie). Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, has also shared photos from the set (mostly taken at Lux's penthouse balcony).

Moreover, fans have learned the titles for episodes 1 to 4 of "Lucifer" Season 5: "Really Sad Devil Guy," "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer," "iDiablo," and "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken," in this order.

Netflix has given the green light for 16 episodes of "Lucifer" Season 5 and has yet to announce a release date. It would be interesting to find out which of these episodes Helfer returns as Mum.

Tom Ellis and Tricia Helfer in a still from Lucifer season 2 Lucifer/Fox