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The video shows a local man apparently attacking a 'Britain First' member in Luton Facebook/Britain First

A video showing what happens when anti-Muslim Britain First marched through the predominantly Muslim area of Bury Park in Luton carrying crosses has been viewed 10 million times, the group claims. In the video, a number of burly men and at least one woman - Britain First Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen - are seen carrying crosses, handing out newspapers and confronting locals, many of whom respond aggressively.

In one section of the video, posted by Britain First on Facebook, Fransen confronts a woman in Islamic dress who is with a small child. In another a local Muslim attacks a Britain First newspaper seller. Insults are traded between the two groups, with some Muslims telling the group that Britain will one day become a Muslim country and Britain First should get out of town.

Bury Park was apparently chosen by Britain First because of the recent conviction of a local resident who set up an Isis (Daesh) stall in London's Oxford Street. On its website the group states: "Bury Park in Luton is an area notorious for Islamic extremists, ISIS fanatics, hate preachers and terrorists. It is perhaps the worst hotspot in the whole country for Islamists.

"In response to the recent imprisonment of an Isis supporter (who is from Bury Park) Britain First carried out a "Christian Patrol" along the High Street and encountered ferocious hostility from local Muslims. What followed was a shocking look into the Islamisation of our beloved country. Our activists were attacked and pelted with eggs. Verbal abuse was rife. Muslims claimed they have "taken over" Luton and the UK. This is the future of Britain."

Britain First have become notorious for aggressively confronting Muslims, patrolling London's Brick Lane, entering mosques and tracking down Muslim preacher Anjem Choudhary to his east London home before confronting him on his doorstep. However the group denies being racist and invites ethnic minorities who love Britain to join.

The Britain First video is reminiscent of the one showing former English Defence League (EDL) founder Tommy Robinson going to Bury Park - close to where he was brought up - and being attacked by local Muslims who took issue with his stance on the Islamisation of the UK. Having left EDL and working with the Quilliam Foundation Robinson is now thought to be trying to set up the UK version of Pegida, the anti-Islamic movement popular in other parts of Europe.