Mad men
Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men AMC

The second half of Mad Men season 7 premieres this Sunday, 5 April and fans of the popular show are eagerly waiting to see how the series finale unfolds.

The storyline of the upcoming episodes remains a secret and the only aspect that is known is that each episode will be like a character's finale episode, according to Ecumenical News.

Rumours of the series ending with the death of lead character Don Draper have also been gaining momentum as the season 7 part 2 premiere draws closer.

"Since the first season of the show, the opening sequence features a suited man (presumably Don) falling down. Fans have long speculated that the falling man alludes to Don's inevitable fate: death," states an iDigital Times report.

Spoilers also indicate that Don might meet his end because of a tumour. Fans may recall that a late Bert Cooper appeared to Don Draper in the final moments of the last season 7 episode (in 2014) as a hallucination. The scene led to many fans speculating that Don may, in fact have brain tumour.

Meanwhile, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner also hinted that Michael Ginsberg is, in fact, mentally ill. He is a "delusional schizophrenic" and Weiner said he has left ample, but subtle, clues for fans to decipher that.

The final episodes of Mad Men season 7 will air every Sunday at 10pm ET/PT on AMC. The series finale will air in May.