Italian police have released a shocking video showing Camorra mafia henchmen opening fire in the streets of Naples during a turf war between rival gangs.

Young, scooter-riding gunmen are seen bringing terror into the streets of Conocal, a deprived neighbourhood in the city's Ponticelli district, in footage captured by fix cameras installed by Carabinieri police

The images recorded over several months last year, have been released by security forces after they arrested about a dozen affiliates of the D'Amico clan, which was trying to wrestle control of the neighbourhood from the rival De Micco family.

In the first part of the clip, four gunmen on two motorbikes are seen opening fire on a group of people, including a child, standing on a sidewalk next to a parked car.

As they speed away, after having apparently missed their target, a third attacker emerges running from behind a building and fires his gun at a man who however manages to flee.

A few months later the same street is the set of a shooting reminiscent of scenes out of a Wild West movie. Riding scooters in place of horses, a group of thugs steers into the residential road shooting bullets into the air, apparently to intimidate rivals living there.

Other images show Camorra sentries 'changing the guard', handing guns to their replacements.

Those arrested are facing a series of charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping.