Magaluf British tourists
A young Brit suffered serious injuries after falling seven metres from a hotel balcony Jaime Reina/AFP

A 21-year-old British man is in critical condition after falling from the roof of a hotel in the holiday resort of Magaluf. Spanish police report that the man has seriously injured his arm and multiple bruises after leaping 7m from the terrace of the hotel at 4.15am this morning (29 July). The local ambulance service took the patient to Son Espases Hospital in Palma where he is currently being treated.

In June the authorities on the Spanish island of Mallorca announced tougher measures to crack down on drunken antics by British tourists, banning street drinking after 10pm and introducing fines for drink-related offences such as stripping in public. This is an attempt to clean up the image of the resort derogatorily known as 'Shagaluf'.