"Extraordinary" footage has emerged of the ocean floor being scoured for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said that the sonic pictures revealed "important" details about the seafloor, which would help the massive search for the plane that disappeared on 8 March.

The images have been taken by the GO Phoenix vessel which is using specialised sonic equipment to find the remains of the missing plane, believed to be located along the so-called 'seventh arc' in the southern Indian Ocean.

"The underwater search aims to map the MH370 debris field in order to identify and prioritise the recovery of specific aircraft components, including flight recorders, which will assist with the Malaysian investigation," ATSB said, in a statement on its website, adding: "The equipment used on the vessels is providing extraordinary data."

Over 9,000 sq km (5,592 miles) of the ocean floor has been searched so far and about 200,000 sq km (124,274 miles) of the search area has been surveyed, according to ATSB.