The trousers come in three sizes and are offered as an alternative to the traditional sarong. MamaPride

Maternity pants that minimise skin display and allow Muslim women to cover private parts of their body during childbirth are now available in Malaysia.

The baggy pants from MamaPride cover the lower half of the body and open only at the crotch to allow child delivery, preserving "the dignity" of women.

The company on its Facebook page refers to honouring the "aurat" and honour of Muslim women, writes Mail Online.

MamaPride's post reads: "Are we to just ignore the honour and 'aurat' of our wives just like that? Where is the honour of Muslim women?"

"We try to generate an alternative that did not prevent the birth process and at the same time close parts that are not needed."

Sold for around £20 each, the trousers come in three sizes.

Most Malaysian women give birth in sarongs and many refuse to allow male doctors during childbirth.

Covering the female body assumes paramount importance in Islam as the primary function of any clothing.

MamaPride, however, was cautious to add that any decision to wear the pants is totally up to a mother. "We are a solution provider in the hope that this will tackle the issue of a male doctor attending delivery."

Malaysia has a dual-track legal system with Islamic criminal and family laws, which are applicable only to Muslims, running alongside civil laws.

A woman wearing a blouse and skirt was recently asked to wear a sarong as her attire offended officials at the Road Transport Department counter where she was applying for a licence.

In what is viewed as increasing Islamisation of the nation, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), recently came up with rules imposing limitations on stage performances, with dress and behaviour codes and gender segregation for attendees during entertainment shows.