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A paedophile who sexually abused a girl after offering her a lift while he was dressed as a woman in February this year, has been sent to jail for 20 years.

The man, identified as 53-year-old Andrew Miller, took the 11-year-old girl to his home in the village of Gattonside, near Melrose, and subjected her to a series of sexual assaults for 27 hours.

The judge described the ordeal as "every parent's worst nightmare" while pronouncing the judgment. A former butcher, Miller, was sentenced to 20 years at the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday, per a BBC report.

The court heard that Miller, who also uses the name Amy George, identifies as transgender and was transitioning into a woman when he carried out the sexual assault.

While sentencing Miller, Judge Lord Arthurson described his crime as "uniquely appalling" and added: "One only has to ask oneself the simple question: 'Would an 11-year-old girl have willingly entered your car had you presented as a man?' The answer is that obviously, she would not. Your intentions were wicked and predatory, and clearly involved a substantial component of planning."

The court heard that Miller made the 11-year-old girl watch pornography. The girl tried to escape after Miller fell asleep next to her but found the door locked. She then called the police from the landline phone at the house and told them that she had been touched inappropriately.

The police rushed to the scene and managed to rescue the child. Miller was still sleeping in a bra, female underwear, and tights when the police arrived at his house.

The girl told the police that she accepted the lift from the lady because she was feeling cold and thought that the "lady" was non-threatening. Miller instead took her to his own house.

He also repeatedly refused the girl's request to be taken home, saying that he would be keeping her at his house for a week and that she was his new family.

A probe was launched into the incident, and the police recovered as many as 242 indecent images of children from his laptop.

Miller has been given a 28-year extended sentence, with 20 years to be spent behind bars. He will spend the remaining eight years on licence under supervision. He has also been placed on the sex offenders register. According to the new guidelines for trans prisoners, Miller will be held in a male prison.

In a similar incident reported in 2016, a transgender woman was incarcerated in Winchester jail, a category B male prison, after she was found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in 2004 when she was a man.

Davina Ayrton had changed her name from David but did not go through any physical alterations or take any medications.